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Deep down you know I'm right about n i g g e r s. You're just too cowardly to admit it.

by: AngusScrimm

Being pro lifers and what not, I'm guessing the good lot of you are republicans, yes? So it only stands to reason that you hold other republican values such as not raising taxes and giving special rights to certain groups. Am I right so far? Of course I am. So why can't you have a little common sense on the subject of n i g g e r s? For one thing, one of those monkeys is occupying the office of the presidency simply because Affirmative Blacktion in this country is out of control. Did you happen to take a look at your latest pay stub and see the difference? The lower amount of take home pay you and your families are receiving? I saw it. Now the Coon in Chief is taking away our guns, exploiting innocent WHITE children to do so. Are you really okay with this, that complacent? Diversity and multiculturalism are just nice ways of saying WHITE GENOCIDE. I think your hearts are probably in the right place, wanting to preserve life and what not, but think about the life you're preserving: the black kind, and we can't afford it.

reply from: AndersHoveland

Abortion is NOT the answer! Some form of cumpulsory sterilization may be more ideal, for people who keep shooting out baby after baby, and who can't take care of them all. For women who keep getting abortions over and over again, sterilization may be the only ethical answer.
What about trading sterilization for abortion? Yes, babies would still die, but far fewer of them.

reply from: scarlet6969

With all due respect, using the labels ***** and coon is disrespectful and uncivilized. You have the right to your opinions on african americans, and I can rspect what you are saying. But the words you are using reflect hate and discontent for african americans, and the president that is in office. Obama has been to laws school and has been very involved in politics for all of his life and has done well to go through a campaign and actually win by the popular vote. Like it or not the majority of americans have voted to place him in the position that he is in. Not once, but twice he was elected to be presidient.
He is not an ape, he is a human being that deserves to take on the challenges of running this country. I have the utmost respect for any president that makes it through a campaign and voted into office. Its hard work, and one must be very intelligent to even reach that level of responsibiltiy.
We as Americans and humans are evolving toward the saying that "ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL"

reply from: scarlet6969

With all due respect, using the labels *****, coon , and apes, show a lack of respect for others, and shows ignorance on your part. You are entitiled to your opinions, but in order for them to really be heard by others, you should try to use differrent words to express your discontent, such as african americans. It is the proper term to be used without expressing disrespect and ignorance towards african american citizens. The 1800's are well behind us. Take the moment to get to know an african american, and you will see that they are just like us whites but with different challenges to overcome.
Good citizens of America want to behave in civilized and righteous ways, and conversations about *****s and coons are not conversations that good people want to be involved in.
Express yourself in a way that intelligent, civilized folks can carry on with you.

reply from: AndersHoveland

Nope, it's an ape. Not 'cause it's Black, but because he is responsible for a HOLOCAUST of babies!
watch the video:

He deserves as much respect as he is showing to all those hapless fetuses.
If pro-abortionists can call an unborn baby "sub-human" and "not a person", I don't have any problem calling them the animals that they are.

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