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The n i g g e rs are coming, the n i g g e r s are coming

Fight crime

by: AngusScrimm

Log onto http://www.newnation.org/for the latest updates in n i g g e r violence the mainstream media refuses to tell you. Are you really glad that all these muggers, rapists and murderers were not aborted? Guess who's paying for their prison stay now? YOU AND I ARE!

reply from: Skeezaks

Obviously you are a well trained historical hate distributer. You have the inate mind set of the passed on from generation to generation, near sighted [Myopia], narrow minded, bigotry of RACISM. Hey, look, were you alive before and/or during the great "War Between the States" aka "The Civil War"? I do not think so! Yet you are still fighting it by by dumping hate [and probably violence] upon the innocent African Americans that were/are in no way responsibe for THE CIVIL WAR! The responsibility lays in the UNMITIGATED GREED of Southern Plantation Owners that did not want to have to pay wages and benefits to the laborers they needed to operate their Plantation's, and the Northerners who sympathized with the Plantation owners! My God man, the Civil War ended 158 years ago and you are still fighting it! When are you going to grow up and let go of your BASELESS INDEFENSIBLE HATE?

reply from: AngusScrimm

Innocent blacks? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Take a look in any prison yard and you'll find it so full of n i g g e r s you would think you were on a school field trip to a zoo.

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