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Art imitate life: The Walking Dead and n i g g e r s

Fight the dead, fear the n i g g e r s

by: AngusScrimm

Surely some of you have seen at least an episode or two of the groundbreaking AMC series The Walking Dead, which follows a WHITE man named Rick Grimes as he leads a group of survivors in a world overrun by the undead (I've long held the belief that zombies are a metaphor for n i g g e r s). One of the group members, who luckily expired, was a n i g g e r named T-Dawg. Since the beginning of the show T-Dawg has proven to be lazy and worthless, letting the white men Rick, Daryl, Shane (R.I.P.) and even the aarp member Hershel do all the heavy lifting. The walkers had a better work ethic than T-Dawg. This is just as it is in life, n i g g e r s are worthless. At least when they were slaves we got a little productivity out of them but then again, no one ever had to take a whip after a John Deere tractor to get it to work. This is why I don't get why you all fight so hard to save the n i g g e r s. I read recently that abortion among sheboons in NYC is up 30%. You all act like that's a bad thing, yet it saves the taxpayer money and keeps crime down. Why do you fight for the n i g g e r virus instead of against it?

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