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what is right and wrong

by: bostonmason

Is it more sinful for me to spill my seed on the ground or for a prostitue who is raped to have an abortion ?
Considering that abortion has been around since the demoness liluth., why must we make it illegal and force woman and doctors into alleys{metaphorically speaking}if it is as they say murder, then those who do it will answer to the ultimate authority.

reply from: Rhiannontex

Using that logic, should we legalize all murder?

reply from: JasonFontaine

One must first consider the very distinguishable difference between true choice and convenience.....the majority of abortions are convenience - denying any further "intellectual" discussion. END ABORTION...embrace life.....the egg is NOT dead....

reply from: achadwick

We will never stop all rapes either so should we make rape legal and thereby not force rapists and their victims into back alleys? Of course not!

reply from: 789654

Think about this-a woman who works a very strenuous physical job where she is climbing wind turbines or other tall structures all day is raped in a dark ally and thus faces either losing her job and all source of income or carrying the child of a monster who just destroyed everything she worked for to get in life. Said woman works for a small company where there are no office jobs she could take for 9 mo. and she only has a degree in in turbine/satellite repair.
If a woman is raped should she really have to carry that child, especially if it means losing her job and future? She didn't skrew up and not use protection, she was the victim of a crime. No, the baby shouldn't have to pay, but at the same time, should the woman have to?
There's so much contradiction in cases like this.

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