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Newborn Found In Toilet of Georgia Jail

Mother likely to face charges of felony cruelty to children

by: 4given

Newborn Found in Toilet of Georgia Jail
Thursday, February 26, 2009
FORT VALLEY, Ga. - Peach County authorities say a newborn girl was found in the toilet of a jail cell.
According to Sheriff Terry Deese, 25-year-old Cornelia Kornegay of Roberta had the infant in a holding cell Wednesday morning and told jailers her baby was in the toilet.
Deese said deputies found the infant upside down submerged in water, but the toddler survived. He said jailers were unaware that Kornegay was pregnant.
Kornegay likely will face a charge of felony cruelty to children and other offenses. She was already being held at the facility for violating probation.
Deese said the infant, a 7 pound, 6-ounce girl was taken to a local hospital and was listed in good condition.

reply from: yoda

Oh my.... stand back, make room, don't get in the way of the frenzied mob of radical feminazi proaborts who will stampede in to her defense.......

reply from: Banned Member

What about attempted homicide? Last I knew, putting a person's head under the water for the purpose of killing them was still murder!

reply from: 4given

Yeah I caught that too. I didn't write it. I just posted it. I can't help but to think of Baby Rowan who was born the same way.. yet died... legally.

reply from: Banned Member

Infant, toddler... I wouldn't expect newpaper writers to know the difference after all, since most can't tell the difference between abortion and murder.

reply from: 4given

Right?! Has anyone here seen the movie 22 Weeks? It is based on Rowan's story I believe.

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