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Companies that support abortion

by: Beprolifewithme


I found this by googling. I don't know how updated it is, but if anyone can find an updated list, PLEASE tell me!!! It's so sad how many places support abortion now

reply from: Beprolifewithme


Another one

reply from: KaylieBee

The first one's a geocities site, so take it with a grain(or a cup) of salt.

reply from: nancyu

I'm not sure how up to date these lists are, both are from 2003. I think I agree with Kaylie, take them with a grain of salt. But there's no harm in writing letters to some of these companies, hopefully they will clarify their position for you. I'd boycott the ones who don't provide a satisfactory response.

reply from: Beprolifewithme

Sorry, but, what does that mean?

reply from: QueenJ


reply from: lycan

Sorry, but, what does that mean?
According to http://www.siteadvisor.com/sites/geocities.com Geocities hosts a lot of spam and malware sites. Malwaredomainlist.com also lists a lot of dangerous downloads from those sites.

reply from: jujujellybean

still, so many places do. it's sad.

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