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Men of Courage: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Paul Hill

Bonhoeffer and Hill were clergymen who were at odds with the passivity and cowardice of their fellow Christians

by: RobertFerguson

Bonhoeffer and Hill were clergymen who were at odds with the passivity and cowardice of their fellow Christians to resist a holocaust. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a Lutheran pastor who did not hesitate to warn his fellow Germans about the evils of Hitler's regime - his initial penalty was the persecution of the Gestapo and his silencing. Paul Hill witnessed the abortion holocaust as a Presbyterian minister in Pensacola, Florida - and determined to resist it. Both men spoke out for years at a cost to themselves and their careers as clergymen-but were determined to defend the defenseless. An evil government that allowed the extermination of a segment of its population, and the silence of an emasculated church, intimidated neither man.
But the courage of these men was not limited to words and to speechmaking - nor was it confined to praying in seclusion. These were men of action! When Dietrich Bonhoeffer became aware of the genocide being directed against the Jews, and the Holocaust in general - he joined the Resistance to the Nazi regime, as he was not a man to hide in his office while millions were being butchered. He did not shrink from what he saw as a moral duty to confront evil. Bonhoeffer became involved in the plot to assassinate Hitler - knowing that it could cost him his life. He was arrested in April 1943 on suspicion of being a plotter against the Nazi regime; subsequently an assassination attempt against Hitler failed on July 20,1944. Bonhoeffer was hung at Flossenburg prison on April 9,1945 for his resistance to the murder of millions by the Nazis.
Paul Hill defied a pro-life community paralyzed with pacifism and worked openly to assert the principle that unborn children deserved the same protection from murder that children already born did. Hill was not afraid of being a pariah to a church utterly cowed by the American government. He issued statements defending the principle of using force, regardless of the cost to him personally.
Finally, Paul Hill took up arms to end the baby killing of abortionist John Britton - knowing that this act of courage would mean leaving his family, the end of his own freedom, and eventually cost him his life.
To the very end of their lives, Bonhoeffer and Hill refused to recant their beliefs that their actions were justified. There was no retreating for these men of God. They were not ashamed that their fight against murder had put them in prison. With their lives at stake, they bravely upheld the principle of active resistance to evil and evil governments. The Nazi holocaust and the American murder of 45 million unborn children did not conquer the spirit of these men. They followed Christ in life and in death and challenge us to do the same today.
Bonhoeffer and Hill laid down their lives gladly for what they believed. Neither man hid behind Romans chapter 13 or attempted to escape his duty to defend the defenseless.
What can be done to fight the American holocaust of the unborn and honor the memory of these martyrs for Christ?
by Joe Pavone

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