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a great new way to witness for adoption
I Am A Person
Please consider this situation
A former pro-lifer speaks out
Planned Parenthood, Hitler & KKK
Planned Parenthood's Black genocide makes the Klan & Hitler look like amateurs
Hello, I'm New (My Views 1)
My Introduction
Judge not lest ye be judged.
Jesus said this, btw. It's not my own idea.
This is for Faramir, Moonlady, nsanford, spinwiddy, and ntvgrl4yeshua
Where are all the "A fetus is not a baby" posters?
Blacklists, Whitelists and Good Recipes
State Farm Insurance Promotes Abortion with Komen
Abortifacients are NOT Contraception
he was shot to death in his Church
lunatic fringe - we know you're out there
Why I pick on CM
Input welcome.
Ethical Argument for Abortion
Why it is moral to have an abortion
Stop The Slander
From both sides come lies
Newborn baby boy found screaming in garbage can
14 year old delivered at school and trashed the kid
A Hard Question: What Should the Punishment Be?
is carolemarie prolife?
The Bible is Truth!
'God breathed'
Is Abortion Murder?
Determining if Abortion is Murder
A topic exclusively for people wishing to protect ALL unborn persons.
Kindly respect our space.
I've seen the light
you guys are right abortion is murder
Leave Religion out
This is a pro-life forum
Im really just trying to understand
Women's Right to Choose
Send scott a letter
Let's not use them as punching bags, please.
Need some help responding...........
Late Term Abortion
What is the most sucessful thing you have done to stop abortion
i apologize...
11 Year-old Girl Gets Raped and becomes Pregnant-Do you think she should be allowed to get an abortion
Questions for coco...
Who is Robert Ferguson?
Question for Pro-Lifers
Can you be pro-life without God?
Why does homosexuality exist and what does it have to do with raisng children
question for those who advocate this tactic.
A message to the rude and obnoxious posters
Jesus did not hate
"Pro-Life Butts"
How did you become pro-choice or pro-life?
What influenced you to join your cause?
Ok seriously..
Why the beef with contraception?
stem cells
What about pregnancy resulting from rape?
aborting rape victims
shows our compassion
changed to passify the cry baby girliy feelings of ineffectual do nothings...
I know the papist pagans won't read this
But it might help some one who is wondering
So a fetus is not a baby?
Why does this abortion provider call it one?
baby Faith Hope
just because...
This is what abortion leads to eventually...
Should We Show Abortion Images?
Why do 1st trimester abortions bother you?
Try to be civil
Faithman - Dead or Alive?
No word from the fboy lately
Why did Sigma say: I support the legalized KILLING OF BABIES If they are attached to another against the other's will?
Come on siggy...... speak up!!
When a Parent Doesn't Know
Mother Not Told of Thirteen-Year Old's Abortio
Miss California denied crown
Because she supports traditional marriage
My Ever Changing Stance on Abortion 2
How do I describe myself?
Compassion Deficit Syndrome
A diagnosis for ALL proaborts
Can you forgive the unforgivable?
Well, just read it...
I might be pregnant
But I might be crazy, too
Faux Life List FAQ
My Ever Changing Views On Abortion 3 (new!)
Again! :)
Is the killing of a born child the same thing as abortion?
What do you say?
Rape issue in abortion
calling you out
Worth Repeating
Quotable Quotes here...
Forced Abortion part 2
for Forced Abortion fans cm and rosalie
Does anyone go to prochoice web groups and stand up for life there?
is abortion murder?
Hate on this board
"the hard truth" video
The Problems With Pro-Life America
Abortion, Statutory Rape, Fear Tactics
What are your thoughts about abortion cams?
Why do pro-abortion employees become pro-life
but, not the other way
What are your thoughts about this "title"?
Abstinence is good and safe
Abstinence is not bad
How would you react if a female that you were really close to decided to get an abortion?
Race does NOT need to be Discussed
Allowing black abortion by NAACP is not racial.
on the subject of violence...
was this justified attack or not
Celebrity's who have had abortions.
Why would anyone who calls himself pro-life deny personhood to the unborn?
Just wondering....
Abby Johnson = LIAR
What frightens a liar more than anything else?
(Hint: it has to do with people finding out that you are a liar)
Poll: Is Shame a good thing or a bad thing when we have acted immorally?
nancyu & faithman threatening to kill pro-choicers and their children
HIP HIP HURAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!
An argument for abortion being legal for raped women
Love The Unborn!!!
Enough Said!!!
What it means to be pro-life
Because apparently some are confused.
Abortion Is NOT Legal!
Why do prolifers oppose simple needs
my story
Why did you join this forum?
Ten Reasons Why..
EVERYONE should defend unborn children.
I found out I am pregnant....I might have to get an abortion
Army of God
Who are they? Are they good or bad for the pro-life cause?
Here's to Vexing
Because we all know 5 year olds are having sex...
pregnant 10 year old
please pray
Abortion is about men AND women!
I had the baby
Just stay out of this thread, Augustine.
Rhetoric: what good is it
curious as to what your rational is for this
Why prohibiting abortion is wrong.
Pro Choice!
For those that are short sighted and pro life!
there is no such thing as a 'pro-choice' movement
never has been
Churchmouse = False Christian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Churchmouse = False Christian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ridding America of Nosy & Offensive Clinic Protestors
Why Hasn't Anyone Thought Of This Before?
One Day
abortion will end
To clear up a little ignorance
The pro-life myth of Martin Luther King Jr
Is it possible for unborn children to not be innocent?
Study Finds Women Who Have Abortions Experience Post-Traumatic Stress
The Execution of Terri Schiavo
Why is it right to kill human babies, but not animals
please stay on the subject pro-aborts...
Why do we even have a word that means the same thing as "human being"?
It's now 9 to 1 that the terms "human being" and "person" are synonymous
Operation IAPA
Begins today April 21, 2009
Vote Here!
Pro Aborts are Not PERSONS
Purest Form
Story not like Egg is NOT Dead
What's so hard to understand?
What's your view on elective abortions?
no discussion of hard cases
need info on birth control pills for 15 year old girl
Tooth and Toenail
Apology for misquoting...here is what she actually said...
Feminism vs Fertility
American women taught to hate their uterus
The Viability Issue
how does it justify abortion?
Let's take the pro-life forum back!
An Embryo/Fetus Is A"Child Without Rights":
The Flawed Arguments Of The Pro-Choice Lobbyists
Forced Birthers
what i think about abortion now thta i'm pregnant
Just The Kind
Murder, dismemberment, trash
Is it right?
Abortion Web Cam
"My father got old so we had him put down."
On Forced Euthanasia
Benham dropped OR name in '99'
Flip has no claim to the operation recue name.
Those who have had abortions and prolife activism
What we don't need to do
The "morals" argument
as common as it is dumb
School-boys in Colorado must be allowed to shower with the school-girls
Anyone trying to prevent this right is subject to a year behind bars
Any pro-lifers here make exceptions?
pro-abortion or pro-choice?
what IS the difference?
I got three baby dadies - I win!
We regret having to do this . . .
Bill O'Reilly accused in death of Dr Tiller
PP says: hateful rhetoric on the airwaves...your words are not innocent
An unborn child's rights...
...are both to existence and non-existence.
Why I pick on CarolMarie.
(I put Faramir there to protect and support her)
MoaningMike Sigma Any Other Pro-choicer
What IS your position on abortion.
Abortion kills unborn children/babies
Get used to it, Sigma
POLL: Is it okay to use the term "baby" in an abortion debate?
(On a forum where you actually debate issues, of course)
Pelosi Prays to St Joseph for the healthcare bill to pass
How to explain abortion to a child?
This is our brother...
Is abortion murder?
Does the Pill Kill?
This thread is a pill.
Opposing view: Compromise equals betrayal
What do people here think of abortion in the case of rape?
Trying to....
Understand your view.
Lies, threats and apologies
Brought to you by yuuki and cm
Catholics on this site
Identify yourselves or be excommunicated.
Abortion or Not Abortion? Only two viewpoints.
Can any pro-choicer claim abortion is morally right?
Vasectomy at 28: One Man's Decision
Planned Death's true colors...
If you're pregnant
here's some info about fetal development
MC3 Please abort spinwiddy's account
It's your right to choose!!
Religion and abortion
What impact does religion (Christianity in particular) have on abortion?
There is really no point in arguing on this site...
The Bond Between Mother and Child
I wrote this in the hospital for my son two days before he was born - wanted to share it.
message . . .
This is what a real abortoin looks like
How do you spot a phony prolifer?
Is it really possible?
Too many children?? Oops, the baby's dead!
Pastor "forgets" about baby in van
What can we do?
This was such a great statement I wanted to share it
72 year old pro-lifer jailed
Minn. 6th-grader stands up for life
Will you?
Fess up time Nancy
Violence does not save unborn human lives.
Extremists only safeguard abortion.
Personal Declarations
Who are we? What do we believe?
Am I Pro-Life?
The Human Condition
This is the way it is
New to the Board
Abortion and the bible
Abortion is unconstitutional.
This is why.
being prolife
All it takes is 3 little reasons.
Retail has its cute moments.
Rev. Laurence White compares abortion in America to the Holocaust
Both "final solutions" are equally wicked
Scott update
A man's rights?
an irony
I don't care if a fetus is a human person. I would remain pro choice if they were.
The health/life exception??
Controlling the Debate
Words mean what they mean.
Isn't choice?
What to do now?
Do we quit or fight harder?
4choice4all says the term "human being is the crux of the matter
So how are we not members of our species BEFORE birth, 4C4A???????
Here's something I want to Know...
Aborted babies in Heaven...
Do they forgive their mothers?
Your stance on: Abortion, Euthanasia, death penalty
What is your position?
Would you be willing to accept this compromise?
There is no Maafa
Prove Planned Parenthood is racist
Elective/Assisted Suicide
Pro-choice on child rape
Planned Parenthood, your tax dollars and a dirty little secret
Is a Woman that has Aborted Always Tainted?
Even if she becomes pro-life afterwards?
Rape and abortion: One woman's amazing story.
investment tip
buy guns now.
For those who said abortion is safer than gestation
pro-aborts please explain your explanation
Breaking the Law Does Not Change It!
Laws do not change because extremists use terrorist actions.
Clinton: OK to experiment on 'unfertilized embryos'
Former president confused about origin of 'little babies'?
FDR got it right.
The Second Bill of Rights
The Same Child
An exercise in futility...?
A word for Christian pro choicers
abstinence only sex education
people gone crazy
What if you could have prevented Tiller's death?
A hypothetical for prolifers--and this hypothetical actually makes sense.
Even Chief justice Roberts agrees with me
Congress controls SCOTUS, not the other way around.
Photos of living babies in the womb
Long live the Pope
but i'm really disgusted.
Conceived Overpopulation reason DDT Perished
DDT never had a problem with toxicity.
Should abortion be taught in detail in highschool?
exactly what it says
Abortion Should Be Mandatory for Pregnant Teens
An article by Ted Rall
Equality - What is good for the goose is good for the gander
If there is to be draft registration - Obama says women should be required to register
In one easy lesson...
Humans - An endangered species?
just consider this
I am leaving the RCC
After much prayer and meditation
Tiller Eulogy - What a Saint
His presence will make Heaven better
Challenging the Abuse of the Consistent Life Ethic
Abortion and the Bible
Interesting Article
fallacy of the life amendment tactic
Why do pro-choicers support abortions over 4+ months into pregnancy?
Abortion and The Paranormal PART II
Pro-Choicers, Please stay out of this Thread.
If choice
Only a woman can take responsibility for her own actions
When does a woman's right to choose end
Choicers say at birth....why
God, the Bible, and the overly-ambiguous titel "Pro Life"
A Spirited discussion over the validity of the "God" argument, specifically the one from the Bible.
Wow. Just. Wow
Help answer these questions
The Rights of the Father
CP and Yuuki are BIG liars...
What's with Operation Save America and Troy Newman?
...Confused over Troy Newman allegations.
How far does your view go?
seemed interesting to ask...
11 year old girl pregnant from uncle's rape gets abortion
Should 11 year old rape victims be forced to stay pregnant?
Thank you prodeath skanc
Babies are BEAUTIFUL!
can't imagine life...
News Flash
The Abortioneers are trying to ignore us...
The clarity of our own convictions never means we despise, demonize, or shut out other people.
How do you feel about adult men having sex with young girls?
Should it be against the law or not?
Hunger in America
It is a reality.
faithman's wife left him!
Poor f-boy!
plaese help me
i need a debate
SEX is for married MAN and WOMAN!
To all you bashers and what not.
Are we five? I have 5 younger siblings of varying ages taht bicker, fight, and spread rumors less than some of you.
ARRGH!! Damn it all to hell!!
More pro-abort antics
I'm a supporter of pro-choice
NO -- Do NOT support the March of Dimes!
Kay Phelps
gay genocide advocate!!!!!
Pro-Life or Pro-Choice? What am I?
Abortion after rape?
How Long Would You Make Her Wait??
A question for prochoicers
Help me with my Essay!
Something else I don't get...
Sorry for multiple posts but it's just on my mind.
Any pro-choicers out there?
i had to have my hamster put to sleep!
one brave young lady
sorry i can't post the rest, source dailymail
None of you seem to get the rape issue....
Pill video
the pill causes abortions
Why are you pro life?
I know this doesn't apply to everyone here, but...
Common Ground
Questions for spinwiddy
Interview with a vampire
Stupidity revealed.
What IF you awoke to find someone glued to you
with a glue that couldn't be disolved for 9 months, would you have the right to kill them?
Election 2006 and 2008
How are you voting?
What are your favorite Pro-Life Slogans?
CaroleMarie says "I think it would suck to be pregnant with a rapist child."
Does this justify an elective abortion?
Is "forcing your child not to abort" a "horrendous situation"?
Do you agree with CaroleMarie? How about you, Weenie?
for the children?
For Thanksgiving - what God has given us
Some photos from where I live
Help for the children of aborted mothers?
If a woman has a right to control her body, why doesn't a fetus?
Abstinance IS 100% effective and practical!
Teaching sex control in the classroom!
Roots of Racism
Racism and Abortion
Why are people so cold?
Post-abortive women.
A pro-choicer's idea of sympathy.
Reward offered.....make some easy money..... $2!
What, no takers?
True circumstances for late term abortion
sad but sometimes nessesary
Why I will never be pro-life.
Go ahead, try to prove me wrong...
I'm a newbie
pray at 3:00 eastern time
appointment got changed
how old does a child have to be-
Mommy baby pic's
PC "definitions"
Flip-flop terms
Why Aborted Baby Pictures are Used
Man oh man... I never thought I'd be told this.
My mom had an abortion....
Why Roe Vs. Wade is, itself, unconstitutional
who could someone do that?
Life possibly saved tonight
Can Democrats be pro-life?
Can the Democrat make their umbrella cover Prolifers too?
I need help for my younger sister.
Helping those out of the womb??????
A Realization
Late term abortion in cases of mother's life
A snow day!
My thoughts about abortion
Animal rights?
They are all inferior to humans.
wonderful site for teen sex information
non religious
It Would Not be Moral
A Response to Advocates of Violence
Are you a Christian? Please come in
Not a Christian? come in but don't be obnoxiouse
Made in the USA
This is my one forray into a "diversionay" subject
the cost of choosing life
women killed for choosing life
Does a baby pee and poop in the womb?
Question please
Is it pro-life to kill abortion providers?
edited for the bozo
Right to be born (Poll)
Does a fetus have the right to be born?
Let's go there and change some minds
womb gay rights
I have returned!
It's time for me to forgive and forget and give some of you another chance.
Mind your own business, I'm pro-choice
pro-aborts use the mentally disabled
Sanger Exposed
Hey, Kayluvschoice...
A question for Christians
I know this is irrelevant, but this is the only site I visit where there is a religious majority
My girlfriend wants to get an abortion...
I'm new/Have questions
The right to bear.
Haunted by my lost son
A story of regret
A question for prochoicers
If "choice" is about supporting "all the choices"......
A hypothetical question for Yod
"I'm Pro life, but outlawing abortion isn't the answer..."
What? Kind? of pro life? is that?
For Prolifers: Should rape victims be able to abort or not?
83 year old women has personally paid for 18,986 abortions
Meet atheist Anne Nicol Gaylor
What's the (moral) distinction?
be counted
passivism was not our past
Abortion hurts Women
Is Abortion ever ok?
What do people really believe about abortion
"Christian" question-off topic
How could you?
How could you want this for a woman?
So you say your Pro Life huh?
One "choice" that the proaborts do NOT support..
And they don't want to talk about it, either......
Petals in the dust
India's practice of aborting female foetuses
Private Decision
Skeletal remains of small child found near Caylee's home
Horrible, horrible
Abortion is not a reproductive choice
It is the right to kill your child
Are you Pro-Life or Pro-Death?
Why we fight
How Much Time Should She Do?
If Abortion Becomes Banned, What Should the Penalty Be for Women Who Get Abortions?
Pharmacists' Consciences and abortifacient drugs
Abortion promotes incest
Pro-choicers use abortion to conceal adult-on-child sex
Why "Pro-life" is really Anti-Woman
Some basic Questions
Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities
For there is no authority except what God has established
And I thought I'd seen everything...
if not forever.....
Sometimes the truth hurts, but you look
EXCELLENT Editorial from the Wilmington Ohio News Journal
PP is now publishing kiddie porn
no suprise there...
Do you care if people think your pro-choice?
What if I called someone a "Jew killer"?
But I could prove it was true?
'Unforgettable' Pro-Life Film
"It's the SAME THING".....
Healthcare Bill
One of "those" pictures
what's its story?
Pro-life beauty Vs. pro abortion ugly
something to think about. [if you have a brain]
Do pro-lifers really think abortion is murder?
Carifairy gets around
(Unless it's against babies, of course......)
Horrifying Pictures Of Women Going Into Killer Tiller's Clinic
Texas teen tries to flush full term baby down toilet
Baby cries, later found dead
Womb gay abortion
goes prime time on law and order
Casual sex and why it is ruining society.
silent no more excerpt
for those who have not read the book.
A CHRISTIAN discussion about abortion through Gods eyes.
A Christian Bible Study
David letterman is a jerk
let cbs know
Is Leroy Carhart a "baby killer"?
Right now it's 8 "YES" and 3 "no" or "don't call him that anyway"
tribute to Tiller the Ex-baby killer
currently in retirement under a dirt quilt.
Having an Abortion was the best Choice I ever made
The KKK?
Who would look to this group for inspiration?
Attention all christians
prayer needed now.
The Secular Case Against Gay Marriage
Poll for Nancyu
Is she a b-word? And if so, is it because of her great love of the unborn?
Stop the general statement slander against real pro-lfers
The real injustice of the forum
Is The Religious Right Retarded?
'Right to Life' for Unborn Imaginary
'Right to Life' for Unborn Imaginary
OT: vex
A Celebrated Pregnancy
Donna Holman PO Box 2540 Iowa City, IA 52244
"I'm pro-life but I'm against outlawing abortion."
WHERE are ALL the proaborts.......
Thanks faithman
and screw you
Definitely Pro-Life 20 yrs after two abortions
Devastated I killed my babies!
If abortions are banned in America!
How about it passifist?
Just exactly what action do you personally take
Someone cares
Another reason why personhood is vital
Are you ok with Carolemarie being referred to as Killer Carole?
Do personal attacks help save babies?
Are "punish the women" extremists helping or hurting the prolife cause.
The unanswered question
the christian slaughter of children
very strange
Does anyone else think we should abort fetuses which will not help the race?
What best describes you?
How many of us are on the extremes?
Does Leroy Carhart deserve to be called "doctor" Carhart?
Right now it's 10 "NO" to 8 "yes"
Still waiting for Cecilia to answer.....
"Hope springs eternal".....
Poll for Churchmouse
Why do Pro-choicers disrespect life?
Too Many Abortions
! ! ! NEED HELP ! ! ! - Urgent
Personhood or bust
Ain't it about time the games stop?
site by a priest.
My sister has allowed herself to be blinded...
I had a dream...
scary, almost too real
Young Desperate Girls in search - is society to blame?
Uneducated disasters such as this one are unacceptable....
The problem with the Pro-Life movement
keep you hands off my children
parental rights
Abortion is now officially illegal in South Dakota!
Let's all celebrate this, it's wonderful!
We know why we're pro-life.
Rape & Incest Cases?
Where do PL's stand on this?
Since I have yet to find a pro-life site with..
CA Supreme Court opens the floodgates
Polygamy, other group marriages, incest next
Question for pro-lifers...
...regarding adoption
Should a woman abortionist be "punished"?
Public apology to Scott Roeder.
This is just appalling and terrible!
I am disgusted by those who would applaud a mans death
pro-aborts assure women clinics can be trusted
but then blame the women when they believe the lies
Hit Me With Your Best Shot...
...Fire Away!
Personhood: The domnio effect
Nothing to do with pizzas
"Why I am an abortion doctor"
Cause Not A Stumbling Block
Are you preventing people from becoming pro-life?
pro-choice doesn't mean you have to be for abortion
The Child Custody Protection Act is headed for Senate
Urge you senators to support it
Just so I know what page I am on
I need some clarification
Support The Mullenax News Pro-Choice Celebrity Boycott!
It's time to send hollywood abortionists a message!
How old are the people here?
37% of US children born to single moms
What really is the source of the abortion problem?
Nothing in this world is more cowardly than murdering such little tots.
Wafa Sultan fights for a woman's right to choose
Wafa Sultan yearns for women's freedoms and the right to choices
miscarriage burial ministry
caskets for little babies
Pro-Choice is irrelevant
Scott Roeder
Photos of aborted children
Who shows them, and why?
anti-abortion views and political philosophy
do people really think this?
Intellectual Dishonesty
the way proaborts "get out of debate free"
Abortion after rape
Why We Show The Bloody Photographs
you can't deny the facts
I Am Pro-Life.
Are You?
Creationists, you'll love this one
I'm back
an explaination for my absense
Hi Everyone. I haven't posted in a few years
a lovely abortion story
Hundreds born within abortion limit survive
11 week ultrasound, there's no denying it.
Anti-choice?! Argh!
Thoughts on Legislating Morality
Comments from MLK
New poll: Parental consent for abortion favored by 73%
The Pew Research Center survey on abortion and terror suspects
Missouri Judge: Planned Parenthood Must Pay Back State Funds
PP must pay over $650,000 in public funds back to the state.
Take A Pill!
Abortion can be a VERY good thing
Should abortion always be illegal?
pro choice = pro suicide
.. and Kurt Cobain's notebook
is it legal?
is it legal?
Unity is nessicary to end abortion
Turn your sharpend tounges against abortion.
Gov. Arnold says 'marriage' can be terminated
Registered Domestic Partnerships are in
Conclusions about pro-abortionists. What is their agenda?
How they destroyed marriage, redifined parenthood, marginalized sex and legalized murder.
If there was a child whom NO ONE in the whole entire world wants...
Should their mother be required to take care of it?
Killing a healthy unborn baby is the worst thing you can do to it
Forced Abortion
Creationism or Evolution? (off-topic)
Anyone else here pro-life and against the death penalty?
How Much Time Should She Do?
If Abortion=Murder, then Women Who Abort MUST Be Jailed!!!
Abortion "Addict" Confesses 15 Abortions in 16 Years
Hi, I'm Rebecca Klessling .............
Did I deserve the death penalty?
Roberts will uphold Roe
Roe + "precedent" = government sanctioned abortion continues unabated!
If we were right.....is it still okay?
A Question for pro-choicers
Thanks to Ashley
I can prove ol Sigma wrong!
Why are people blind to the truth of abortion?
i don't understand
why pro choicers can't see it is a baby
Question for Pro-lifers: Fetal Assault
What about pregnant women who smoke?
Would like to change prochoicers minds without use of abusive language
PL Couple Needs $$ Help!!
Quints born to poor couple
Before getting a vaccine, you should know what's in it.
You would be very surprised. Read this.
The true and clear definition of abortion.
Dumbing down?
4 yr old girl shot herself :(
Little girl grabs a gun out of grandma's purse and shoots herself
Abortion in extenuating circumstances
are there any circumstances in which...
Any vegetarians on this forum?
Created to Serve
We are to serve our Brother
the woman's life lie
they think aging and death can & should be prevented
Most common pro-choice argument
please read
Suicide Okay?
Abortion = Compassion
Magic Bullet
Is there a simple, succinct, and effective argument to use to break through the pro abortion mentality?
Can we have ever have a moral non-heated discussion about abortion?
Please do not respond to religious extremism!
Fetal Pain
By 8 weeks
So, when is sex a good thing?
What values/attitudes help make sex a positive experience?
Hey Catholics!
the mother's health exception?
How we use words
Meanings matter
How much pro-life material could be bought for the price of 42 pare of scanc shoes?
Good stewardship, or self indulgence?
Video: Another Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Covers Up Rape
I am taking a break

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