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a great new way to witness for adoption
I Am A Person
Please consider this situation
A former pro-lifer speaks out
Planned Parenthood, Hitler & KKK
Planned Parenthood's Black genocide makes the Klan & Hitler look like amateurs
Hello, I'm New (My Views 1)
My Introduction
Judge not lest ye be judged.
Jesus said this, btw. It's not my own idea.
This is for Faramir, Moonlady, nsanford, spinwiddy, and ntvgrl4yeshua
Where are all the "A fetus is not a baby" posters?
Blacklists, Whitelists and Good Recipes
State Farm Insurance Promotes Abortion with Komen
Abortifacients are NOT Contraception
he was shot to death in his Church
lunatic fringe - we know you're out there
Why I pick on CM
Input welcome.
Ethical Argument for Abortion
Why it is moral to have an abortion
Stop The Slander
From both sides come lies
Newborn baby boy found screaming in garbage can
14 year old delivered at school and trashed the kid
A Hard Question: What Should the Punishment Be?
is carolemarie prolife?
The Bible is Truth!
'God breathed'
Is Abortion Murder?
Determining if Abortion is Murder
A topic exclusively for people wishing to protect ALL unborn persons.
Kindly respect our space.
I've seen the light
you guys are right abortion is murder
Leave Religion out
This is a pro-life forum
Im really just trying to understand
Send scott a letter
Let's not use them as punching bags, please.
Women's Right to Choose
Need some help responding...........
Late Term Abortion
What is the most sucessful thing you have done to stop abortion
i apologize...
11 Year-old Girl Gets Raped and becomes Pregnant-Do you think she should be allowed to get an abortion
Questions for coco...
Who is Robert Ferguson?
Question for Pro-Lifers
Can you be pro-life without God?
Why does homosexuality exist and what does it have to do with raisng children
A message to the rude and obnoxious posters
Jesus did not hate
question for those who advocate this tactic.
"Pro-Life Butts"
How did you become pro-choice or pro-life?
What influenced you to join your cause?
Ok seriously..
Why the beef with contraception?
stem cells
What about pregnancy resulting from rape?
aborting rape victims
shows our compassion
changed to passify the cry baby girliy feelings of ineffectual do nothings...
I know the papist pagans won't read this
But it might help some one who is wondering
So a fetus is not a baby?
Why does this abortion provider call it one?
baby Faith Hope
just because...
This is what abortion leads to eventually...
Should We Show Abortion Images?
Why do 1st trimester abortions bother you?
Try to be civil
Why did Sigma say: I support the legalized KILLING OF BABIES If they are attached to another against the other's will?
Come on siggy...... speak up!!
Faithman - Dead or Alive?
No word from the fboy lately
When a Parent Doesn't Know
Mother Not Told of Thirteen-Year Old's Abortio
Miss California denied crown
Because she supports traditional marriage
My Ever Changing Stance on Abortion 2
How do I describe myself?
Compassion Deficit Syndrome
A diagnosis for ALL proaborts
Can you forgive the unforgivable?
Faux Life List FAQ
I might be pregnant
But I might be crazy, too
Well, just read it...
My Ever Changing Views On Abortion 3 (new!)
Again! :)
Is the killing of a born child the same thing as abortion?
What do you say?
Rape issue in abortion
calling you out
Worth Repeating
Quotable Quotes here...
Forced Abortion part 2
for Forced Abortion fans cm and rosalie
is abortion murder?
Does anyone go to prochoice web groups and stand up for life there?
Hate on this board
"the hard truth" video
Why do pro-abortion employees become pro-life
but, not the other way
What are your thoughts about abortion cams?
The Problems With Pro-Life America
Abortion, Statutory Rape, Fear Tactics
What are your thoughts about this "title"?
Abstinence is good and safe
Abstinence is not bad
How would you react if a female that you were really close to decided to get an abortion?
Race does NOT need to be Discussed
Allowing black abortion by NAACP is not racial.
on the subject of violence...
was this justified attack or not
Celebrity's who have had abortions.
Why would anyone who calls himself pro-life deny personhood to the unborn?
Just wondering....
Abby Johnson = LIAR
What frightens a liar more than anything else?
(Hint: it has to do with people finding out that you are a liar)
Poll: Is Shame a good thing or a bad thing when we have acted immorally?
nancyu & faithman threatening to kill pro-choicers and their children
HIP HIP HURAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!
An argument for abortion being legal for raped women
Love The Unborn!!!
Enough Said!!!
What it means to be pro-life
Because apparently some are confused.
Abortion Is NOT Legal!
Why do prolifers oppose simple needs
I found out I am pregnant....I might have to get an abortion
Army of God
Who are they? Are they good or bad for the pro-life cause?
Ten Reasons Why..
EVERYONE should defend unborn children.
Why did you join this forum?
my story
Here's to Vexing
pregnant 10 year old
please pray
Because we all know 5 year olds are having sex...
Abortion is about men AND women!

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